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Fcubes is one of the Food Product of Bfarms. Brihaspathi Farm Services Pvt. Ltd. (BFSPL), founded to serve the most important community for the world : “ Farming Community ”. Dr C V Reddy hails from the Farming Community- knows the grass-root issues of the Farmers as, he was instrumental in converting baren land in to cultivatable land way back in the late 70’s till his graduation along with his family members in karnataka. He is well-versed with the farming and its problems from- Quality Seeds to Marketing.

India is agriculture intensive country. As per one survey 65% of total workforce belongs to agriculture sector contributing about 14% in national GDP through agriculture produce. Growing population fragmented the agriculture land in such small pieces that scientific farming most of the times are not economical. We can take land of Indo-gangetic plain consisting of UP & north Bihar & partly West Bengal. This part of land is most fertile land in the world but migration of labours is too high perhaps highest in the country. Reasons are fragmented land, absence of infrastructure to fight with drought & flood. Farmers are highly indebted causing poor living standard, migration, malnutrition, & all ills with them.Our planner adopted subsidy plan in fertilizer & in different agriculture constituents. But it does not worked well as the same least reached to small farmers.

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